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 To help combat the virus' spread, please take precautions: wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. Stay home! Keep extra food and medical supplies around, and practice social distancing. Wear protective face covering if you must go out. To learn more about how you can stay safe and help stop the spread of the coronavirus, click on the two links below and on Find Out More for Keeping Los Angeles Safe.  

 Always check with trusted sources for the latest accurate information about COVID-19:



We Will Get Thru This

Support the Wellness Group's Fundraiser to Empower Women's Health

Shop for a Cause or Give to The Wellness Group


Continue to walk in expectation! 

We are not powerless! We are powerful! Powerful women come in all forms. Recognize your own power and value! Stay focused, this too shall pass!

Be resourceful! 

Share good information! 

You're Going To Be OK!!

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As founding president of The Wellness Group - Breast Health Awareness, and principle of Salon 21, Michelle Moore Bell for SALON 21, we are here for you.

 We are practicing social distancing while still serving our community with beauty and hair care products.

To help with your hair at home, we have created a Survival Hair Kit. The kits include shampoo, conditioner, and finishing crème plus one satin pillowcase. 

We want to make sure you have your essential items to maintain healthy hair and scalp during these times.

Place your order today! The cost of the kit is $50.00 plus shipping.  

We are offering curbside pickup (grab & go), delivery and shipping services.

You can also pay in advance or purchase gift cards for future products or hair care services.


Thank you for your support! If you have questions feel free to call or email me. 

Hot Sellers:

Harriett Tubman, Michelle Obama and Madam C.J. Walker bookmarks. Comes in a plastic sleeve with a mini history on the back, 3 for $10.00.

Hair Care Finishing Cream

Hair Spray

Mary Kay Products

To your health and beauty!  Stay Safe!

 Michelle Moore Bell

Beauty, Hair Care & Healthy Lifestyle Expert 

   Contact Number: 213-407-0271



Shop for a Cause or Give to The Wellness Group

Support the Wellness Group's Fundraiser to Empower Women's Health

Shop for a Cause or Give to The Wellness Group

As we celebrate a new season I invite you to give $10 or more to THE WELLNESS GROUP today. You can donate on eventbrite at 


Your support will allow The Wellness Group to host the 18th Annual Breast and Whole Health Breakfast Forum to empower women on a healthy lifestyle. SAVE THE DATE - September 26, 2020. Admission Free!

For more information on Shop for a Cause and/or to donate on PayPal click on the button below.

When you Shop for a Cause proceeds to benefit The Wellness Group, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit. 

You can also make your shopping appointment today by email or phone, bring a shopping friend. See images of a few products to order/purchase at the bottom of this page.

Beauty & Hair Care Products - Skin Care Products * Makeup * Body & Spa Products * Fragrances * Satin Pillowcases * Finish Creme Hair Sprays, Wrap Foaming Lotion.

African American & Inspirational Gifts - Gifts That Uplift and Inspire! Choose from Stationery, Bags, Accessories, Home Decor, Figurines, Floor Mats, Bible Covers, Bath Mats, Designer Shower Curtains. Obama's Gift Sets, Lipstick Mirror Cases, Magnifying Compact Mirrors, Mugs, Pill Box Cases, Purse Accessories, Stylus Purse Pals, Woven Tote Bags, Note Cards, Gift Sets and more.

Studio shopping, curbside pickup, delivery & shipping services available. Show your love, shop for a cause today.

Thank you for your support!


Support the Wellness Group's Fundraiser to Empower Women's Health

Support the Wellness Group's Fundraiser to Empower Women's Health

Support the Wellness Group's Fundraiser to Empower Women's Health


The Wellness Group 18th Annual Breast & Whole Health Breakfast Forum took place on July 27th, 2019. 

 Thank you to God, our sponsors, partners, supporters and volunteers. 

The Wellness Group opened the doors to greet 200 ladies with enthusiasm for a powerful event with useful information, special prayer to God as we claimed healing, victory & miracles of cancer & all illnesses. There were great door prizes, shopping vendors & a health vendor, breakfast served by the Los Angeles Fire Fighters, great dessert reception with a photo booth and a caricature artist. 

Save The Date: 19th Annual Breast & Whole Health Breakfast Forum for Women - Saturday, September 26, 2020, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Doors open 8:00 a.m. Networking & Dessert Reception 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.   Free Admission with Registration. Registration will open on May 1, 2020 during Women's Health Month. 

Show love and click on the donation button below for more information and to donate $10 or more online at Eventbrite today. You can also donate by mail.  The Wellness Group 8306 Wilshire Blvd., #730 Beverly Hills, CA 90211-2304 

Like The Wellness Group's Facebook page, click here, The Wellness Group - Breast Health Awareness

Follow us on Instagram: 


#thewellnessgroup7   #twgsistercircle 

The Wellness Group host complimentary health events, but we cannot make it happen without your support!   

Celebrate Health & Wellness with a tax deductible donation of $10 or more to The Wellness Group, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit health organization. 

You can donate on PayPal.  Go to the Shop for a Cause page to donate thru PayPal or go to PayPal and donate to

Thank You for caring and your support!


It's a New Season! Try Something New!


It's A New Season!

Beauty at Every Age! Contact me whether you require consultation, hair care services, or advice on purchasing all the right products. I am here to recommend the proper take home hair care products. From hair sprays, finishing cremes to satin pillow cases, bonnets, caps, wraps and more.

It’s A New Season, time for something new! A new Spring hair color, skin care products, makeup, makeup bag, hair care products, satin pillowcase to protect your hair and skin.                            

It could be your smile, your style or your sense of adventure. Every woman is special in her own way, but all women have one thing in common. Nothing makes us feel more alive than looking our best. 

You suddenly find yourself feeling more confident and more at ease with who you are. You’re growing at every age, discovering more about yourself and how beautiful life can be! It’s the perfect time of year to try some new.

Looking for fresh ways to spruce up your style this Spring?  Contact me!   

*There is no better time for a comeback.    

*What are you willing to do to make it happen this Spring? 

*Maybe you didn't lose the weight before Spring, it is never too late.

*Finding that passion in your life is hugely important in staying young, it’s a major factor.


Free Products & Tote Bag

We offer beauty, hair care, skincare, body and spa products. 

Receive a free gift for making a shopping appointment. Free products when you bring a shopping friend. 

A satin pillow case will protect your hair and skin. $13-$15. 


Thank You!

 Thank You to everyone for your support. As Michelle celebrate 38 years in the beauty and wellness industry plus 31 years as an active member of West Angeles Church of God in Christ, we are so grateful to all for your support, business, referrals and friendship.  

All About Hair


Healthy Hair

Gorgeous Silver Hair

Gorgeous Silver Hair

Hair is cut to perfection! To keep your beautiful sheen ask Michelle about the take-home hair care products from wrap shine foaming lotion, finishing cremes to shine define hair sprays, satin bonnets, caps, pillow cases, wraps and more.  


Gorgeous Silver Hair

Gorgeous Silver Hair

Gorgeous Silver Hair

Hair is cut to perfection! Talk to Michelle about maintenance and conditioning treatments for your gorgeous silver locks. With Michelle's recommendation on regular salon treatments and take home products you will have hair that is easy to dress around - and it doesn't pull your style in one direction or another. 



Inspiring Hair Style

Gorgeous Silver Hair

Inspiring Hair Style

Hair is cut to perfection, treated with quality products including Sebastian Cellophane professional color treatment. Contact Michelle by phone or email for more information about these styles and products used.  

Phone: 213-407-0271


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Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel, please give Michelle a 24 hours notice, otherwise you will be charged a service fee for time reserved for your service.

Michelle Moore Bell

O My Hair Studio 8636 S. Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite C Studio 2 Westchester, CA 90045-3801

(213) 407-0271

Call or Email for Appointment -

Monday - Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday - Friday: By appointment

Saturday: Shop at beauty studio or on the go. By appointment only! 

Skin care & body products, make-up, fragrances, gifts, pampering session/parties and more. 

Shades of Color Representative for African American & Inspirational Gifts. Contact Michelle to see Catalog 

Great Gifts for All Occasions! Bible Covers, Bookmark Sets, Journals, Figurines, Mugs, Purse Mirrors, Purse Note Pals, Stylish Bags, The Obama's Gift Sets and More.